Dear Guests,

Please review this email in its entirety to ensure you are informed of all of our COVID-19 protocol.

Guest, owner, and staff health and safety continue to be our main priority; more important now than ever before. Rams-Horn has implemented all of the state, county and town regulations in place in order to ensure the safest environment for everyone. We continue to monitor and adapt to any changes based on this. We remain committed to the American Hotel & Lodging Association and are following the Enhanced Industry-Wide Hotel Cleaning Standards in response to COVID-19. Our goal is to provide peace of mind for our guests by increasing our efforts that will help minimize the spread of the virus.

General Information & County

Eagle County has lifted all Public Health orders. However, state orders still remain in effect with mask requirements for certain environments.

We are providing all guests in advance with our COVID-19 Acknowledgement, this reviews details that the county require we share with all travelers.

Helpful guest information can be found by going to:


Below are the COVID-19 specific implementations you will see on property and all occupants are expected to adhere to. Please ensure to review the updated changes to housekeeping.

  • All of our access doors to the property are now locked 24/7 to ensure an isolated environment for guests and added protection of our occupants.
  • There is a closed-door policy of unit front and back doors.
  • Hand sanitizing stations are located throughout the building and at each entry point.
  • Owners and Guests are encouraged to limit their time in common areas.
  • Prepackaged snacks will be available in the lobby, next to a hand sanitizing station.
  • Beverages, such as coffee, tea and water have been eliminated based on them being high touch surfaces.
  • The lobby computer has been removed based on it being a high touch surface.
  • Disinfected keys will be distributed upon arrival. Rams-Horn is strongly encouraging pre arrival check-in procedures by signing paperwork online such as Credit Card forms and Arrival Registration forms.
  • Staff members are completing a daily health screening and are informed to not come to work if sick. The same applies for guests and specific requirements are provided prior to arrival via our Arrival Registration Form.
  • The required Eagle County Social Distancing Protocol form is hung in the ski room for guests to review. Staff has reviewed all points enclosed.
  • Common areas are being cleaned at a minimum of three times a day, with focus on high touch areas and with the use of virus killing and disinfectant cleaning agents.

We have made the decision to close our on-property gym to all guests and instead will be providing complimentary passes to the Dryland Fitness and Spa (previously known as the Vail Athletic Club.) These passes will allow guests the opportunity to use their gym facility as well as their offered fitness classes. A reservation system is in place. Their gym usage can be reserved through their app Dryland Fitness and Spa. Guests are encouraged to create an account sign the Liability Waiver prior to arrival at the gym. Hot tub usage at VAC will not be provided. Guests will still need to bring with them our complimentary cards for usage.

We will be implementing a required sign-up sheet for pool and spa usage. This sign-up sheet will be available in the common area of the lobby. There will be 45 min time slots for usage with 15 minutes down time between reservations. The state will provide specific limits to the number of guests at the facility at a given time, since this number fluctuates from the state, this will be relayed to you during your stay. This is to ensure proper occupancy and to deter cross over of different groups staying on property. Signups for the day of usage begin at 9am when our office opens. Guest and owners are expected to adhere to their specific timeframe, cleanup after their usage and close the pool and Jacuzzi once completed. Sanitizing stations are located by the pool towels inside.

For the safety of the guests, we will be foregoing daily in-room housekeeping services.

  • Trash pickup service will be provided at your front door. Please leave your trash out for housekeeping to collect during the hours of 8am-3:30pm.
  • Supply and linen refreshment service will be provided. Please communicate your needs with the office. Dirty linen can be bagged in clear trash bags and left at your front door for housekeeping to collect and replace with new clean linen during the hours of 8am-3:30pm.
  • We have worked with our cleaning supply company to ensure we are using high standard, virus killing cleaning and disinfecting products.


  • Please relay any maintenance issues to the office.
  • We will schedule a time all occupants are out of the unit to access for maintenance needs. Staff and/or outside vendors will be masked.
  • In the event of an emergency, staff has the authority to access the unit to assess.

In the event of a positive case on property, we have hired a third-party cleaning company to go into the unit after it has been vacated and fog the unit in order to provide an additional method of disinfecting. Further details are provided on the Arrival Registration/COVID-19 Acknowledgment. By checking in you are acknowledging the terms on the Arrival Registration form, regarding this secondary method of cleaning, and additional protocol from the county if you or members of your group become sick.

All owners, guests and staff are required to follow the set parameters to ensure the safety of everyone. Please note that these guidelines may be updated throughout the year, prior your stay or during your stay. We thank you for your business, cooperation and understanding through the pandemic.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.

We look forward to hosting your stay!